Swing dance classes

You want to start with Swing Dancing? Let´s go! Your first step is the beginning of dancing. It doesn´t matter which dance you start to learn. Lindy Hop and Charleston allows a combinatin later to one dance. Then you can enjoy the whole Social Dances to slow or fast dancing. HappyFeet Stuttgart enables to choosse between Partnered Classes or Solo-Jazz classes.

Partnered Classes

Lindy Hop, the classic of all swing dances is danced to slower music and contain space for fun and creativity. With higher tempo in the music, the energy of your dance will increase.

Solo Jazz

Solo-Jazz is the interpretation of Swing or Charleston music as an individuum - your feet, knees, hips and arms will circulate, rotate, swing and freak out!

Further Solo-Jazz steps can integrate in your partner dance.

Charleston, also known as Lindy Charleston, is a great variaton of Lindy Hop. If the tempo of the music increases, you can switch to Charleston footwork. Typical moves are Tandem, Hand-2-Hand and Sailor steps which results further fun in your dancing.

You want to get an impression of swing dancing? Come around and join our monthly 2c crash courses. In these 2 hours, you are learning basic steps to start your first dance immediatly.