Güneş Göker

Güneş discovered swing dancing in 2013 and was immediately full of fire and flame. Dancing was an essential part of life even in childhood. At the time fascinated by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, she began early with jazz dance, then later tried all latin dances and finally got stuck with swing.

In 2013 Güneş began teaching together with Marcus at the swing dance school SwingStep Stuttgart.

Through her study of German studies, she has pedagogical background, which she has further developed and adapted in the teaching of dance and movement.

In her heart, Güneş feels the swing music, her feet feel the beat and let them move lightly over the dance floor - seemingly hovering. Last but not least her oriental stylings are added and the confectionery Güneş Göker is ready.

Marcus Zieboll

Marcus discovered swing dancing in 2012 and was immediately fascinated by the music as well as by the kind of "movement". Since movement was always an important part of his life, he quickly felt that faster music almost catapulted him into intoxication.

Marcus has already begun teaching at the Swingtanzschule SwingStep Stuttgart in 2013.

Through the engineering studies Marcus has an analytical strategy to separate new moves into their individual movements. He understands them and passes them on to the students. Here, it is important to him to convey clear content and place them as pictorially as possible in the minds of the participants. Nevertheless, the space for an individualisation of each participant remains in the course.

In addition, access to his body through fitness is an important component to dance swing stable. This includes the composition of strength, endurance and agility.